Friday, 16 July 2010

Workshops & consultations

Workshops - Pupils Designs

Over 120 pupils worked on a variety of designs, aswell as developing paper mosaic designs for the project. Here are some images of pupils work from the design sessions.

4 classes were involved, and their designs and ideas led to the creation of the final design.

Mosaic Workshops

Over 120 pupils also learnt how to create a mosaic, each making their own individual design. Some pupils also worked on mosaics that are going to be embedded into the final mosaic.

             Coaster designs pre grout       Coaster designs finished              


As the school also serves the local community, it was important to get information and opinions about the final design and what should feature in it. Several consultations were held during school open days and parents evening. Lots of information was collected, with some visitors hidden gems of local knowledge!


Some suggestions....

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